Thursday, August 30

Most of you probably heard about the changes coming to the CrossFit Games, and although we haven't heard an official statement from CrossFit HQ, we know the company is shifting its focus from competition to health. HQ wants to be known for making a real impact on the health of our society, rather than finding the fittest on earth.

CrossFit Health was recently established to investigate "the ills of modern medicine and the wilful abuse of the public’s trust in science. What would motivate such an inquiry? And what are our qualifications to put forth on the subject?" But CrossFit Health is about the health and fitness industries, not about your individual health. Your health can be taken care of by CrossFit - proper nutrition and exercise.

And while I love the Games as a fan and enjoy watching the sport of CrossFit, we know that the real impact we can have on individuals and the community is by promoting healthy diets and exercise. So until we hear officially about what the CrossFit Games and Open will be, I'm not worried about it.

But I am worried about the health issues facing our community. I want to reach more people with the message that eating the right foods and doing constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity can change and save lives. 

I'm excited to see the media CrossFit will produce in the upcoming months and years. We should see more stories like the one below that will inspire and motivate people to make positive changes. We should see more stories of people getting off the junk food and the couch and showing that it is possible to lose the weight and get healthy. 

Workout for Thursday, August 30
Pause Front Squat - 2 Sec Pause in Bottom
7X2 @ 60% to 70%
*The Focus is on maintaining the best position and bracing possible. 

For Time:
21 Thrusters (95/65)
9 Pull Ups
15 Thrusters
15 Pull Ups
9 Thrusters
21 Pull Ups


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