Wednesday, August 8

I've been reading a book called The Story of the Human Body by Daniel E. Lieberman and although I'm only halfway through, I've learned a ton about how we evolved to modern day humans and how our current environment and culture affects us biologically. (Thanks for this book, Dawn!)

One thing that really got to me is that our cultural evolution may be causing most of the health problems we face today, not our biological evolution. It is our behavior that is making us sick and generally unhealthy as a society, not our genes.

70% of people in this country die from chronic, preventable diseases. We know that heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer are caused by our behavior - eating a poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, etc. 

In the book, Lieberman calls these and a host of other conditions mismatch diseases. Our bodies are mismatched with our environment and actions and this is causing us to get sick. We weren't mean to eat pounds of sugar each year or sit down all day in cars or desks. We certainly didn't evolve to ingest toxins like cigarette smoke or other drugs that are killing us.

Even if our ancestors had the gene that predisposed them to type 2 diabetes, they rarely got the disease because they weren't eating piles of processed carbohydrates like we do in today's society.

The crazy thing is, we know the cure for these diseases - stop eating junk, exercise more and don't fill your body with toxins. But our culture passes these behaviors down from generation to generation. And now, there are kids with type 2 diabetes, which was once known as adult-onset diabetes. 

This is just another reason I love CrossFit and the community it is building. Although I'm aware of what's happening around me, I am glad I live in my CrossFit bubble with you all. I'm glad our culture is one of healthy eating and fitness. I'm glad that we are fighting back against these mismatch diseases. And hopefully we can spread this to other communities and start to change the culture of disease in this county.

Workout for Wednesday, August 8
Using 65% of 1RM, 1 Set every 2 min for 10 min:
5 Deadlifts + 20 second Hold in Lock Out on last rep

20 min NFT
5 Single Arm Farmers Carries Down and Back (full length)
5 Heavy Object Carries Forward + Backward (Old OLY area)
5 Rope Climbs or Rope Climb Progressions

CrossFit 616