Wednesday, September 26

Since it’s Wednesday FriendsDay, I thought this post could be valuable for some of you to convince your friends and family to try CrossFit.

“How do you get your grandmother, coworker, dad, etc. to try CrossFit? Bring them to the box. Or have them try a highly scaled WOD at home. 

Admittedly, this can be challenging. There are a lot of misconceptions about CrossFit. So here’s a guide to debunking those common myths.”

Click here to read the full article and hopefully you will be able to put people at ease that think CrossFit is dangerous or crazy. And hopefully we will see you with a friend here Wednesday!

Workout for Wednesday, September 26
5 Rounds, 1 Round Every 5 Minutes
Run 1 Lap
10 Burpees
15 KB Swings
20 Air Squats

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