Monday, October 1


Big Food’s Poisonous Propaganda

Here’s another article describing how the processed food industry uses propaganda to make us think we need sugar in our diet. It is true that our bodies need glucose to run, and even if you don’t eat sugar, your body will produce its own glucose for certain functions.

What we don’t need is the tons of fructose and other sugars that are added to almost all processed foods. Those sugars are as (or more) addictive as cocaine and are causing all sorts of health problems around the world.

Don’t let the industry propaganda fool you. Yes, it’s hard to get off the sugar and it is hard to change your diet, but it is worth it!

“Propaganda has been essential to sustaining mass addiction. Since at least 1954, food-industry executives have known that excess sugar consumption causes health problems. Using the same tricks as tobacco companies – and in some cases, the same people – they covered up the evidence and doubled down. They funded shoddy science, co-opted researchers and critics, shifted blame, advocated for weaker government oversight, and even marketed their products to children (as with Tony the Tiger, breakfast cereal’s equivalent of Big Tobacco’s Joe Camel).”

Read the full article here.

Workout for Monday, October 1
Handstand Skill Practice
- Bear Crawls
- Tripods and Donkey Kicks
- Wall Walks
- Handstands on Wall
- Handstand Push Ups
- Freestanding Handstands
- Handstand Walking

13 min AMRAP
Run 1 Lap
15 Russian Swings (70/53)
9 C2B Pull Ups

CrossFit 616