Thursday, January 17

We’ve got a long workout scheduled for today and to some of you that love endurance work this is right up your alley, and for some this might be a bit scary. I just want to give you all a few words of encouragement heading into this.

First, we don’t ask you to do anything that we think you are not capable of doing. We’re positive you can all do a long workout like this, and even if you don’t get to finish it in the one-hour class, we know you’re going to benefit from trying.

Second, long endurance work is a crucial part of fitness. It’s just as important as a one-rep max back squat, mastering double unders, or getting your first pull up. We train all areas of fitness so we can be well rounded and ready for anything.

Third, Coach Tom named this workout "Sometimes what you NEED isn't exactly what you WANT" because that is true. It’s true in the gym and it’s true in all the other parts of our lives. I believe being a fit, strong person means more than just the physical. I think it includes mental, spiritual, and emotional fitness too. And sometimes that means taking on tasks you do not want to do.

Last, I know I wrote this blog for absolutely no reason. I don’t need to convince you to show up and work hard, because all of you reading this (at least the members of 616 I see every day) are already doing it. You already know all of this stuff and you are already inspiring those around you to work harder. Thanks for being awesome!

Looking forward to taking this one on with you all!

Workout for Thursday, January 16
"Sometimes what you NEED isn't exactly what you WANT."
10 Rounds
Row 1,000 m / 800 m
15 Burpees

CrossFit 616