Thursday, January 24

I saw this quote from CrossFit Gymnastics, loved it, and thought it was worth sharing:

Strength is imperative for proper form, and form is imperative in demonstrating body control.

For this reason, we have a strength bias and promote strict movement before kipping movement.

This fits right in with Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity too. Strict movements will inevitably be slower and more controlled, so the intensity (at least from a speed perspective) will be dialed back. You can make strict movements like a pull up or dip very intense by adding weight to the equation, but the number of reps will drop dramatically.

This goes for non-gymnastics movements as well. If you have weak hips or glutes, your squat will suffer. You can claim good squat form by strengthening the weak points and that’s done through slow controlled movement.

If you don’t have control of your body in space, you are opening yourself up to potential injury and pain.

So, if you want to progress towards skills like muscle ups and handstand push ups, developing strict pull ups and strict shoulder pressing strength is a prerequisite.

Think about the weak links in your armor and ask a coach what you need to strengthen to move towards your goals. There may be some simple accessory work you can do before or after class that can make a big difference in your progress!

Workout for Thursday, January 24
Bent Over DB Rows
5X7 on Each Arm

8 min AMRAP
4 Bar Muscle Ups
8 Burpees
12 Box Jumps (24"/20")
*Scale BMU w/ 6 C2B, Chin Over, or Jumping C2B Pull Ups

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