Friday, January 25

We’ve got Turkish get ups today and since I learned that a lot of you use Youtube to look up movements you aren’t familiar with, I thought I’d save you the trouble and post a video right here. We don’t do this movement a lot, but it’s a great one for building stability in the shoulder, midline, and more.

The video below shows a good Turkish get up and then they show some of the common faults we see in this movement. Don’t just think of the get up as a shoulder movement. This is a full-body exercise that requires you to stay active and connected through the entire movement. It should be slow and controlled throughout, and it does not need to be heavy to be effective!

Workout for Friday, January 25
Turkish Get-Up Practice (Not for Time)
15 minutes to Complete 5 Working Sets of 3 Reps on Each Side

Complete 5 Working Sets (Not for Time)
3 Strict Press + 9 Push Press
- Superset with -
8 Weighted Box Step Ups (20" or Lower)
*Alternate Feet, Suitcase Hold a DB in Each Hand

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