Thursday, January 31

Morning classes (6, 7, and 8:30 am) have been canceled for Thursday, January 31. We do hope to open later in the day. Follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Maybe it’s too late for this one, but I am sure it’ll come up again. This about trying to stick to your plan even when everything around you is going off the rails.

This week has been nuts. Everything is closed, most of us haven’t had to go to work much, and we are basically stuck inside. Don’t let this change your mindset on working out and eating right. Especially the eating part.

It is so easy to fall into the snow-day trap of eating comfort foods and not your normal healthy diet. We seem to give ourselves a pass really quickly as soon as our normal routine gets interrupted. I’m as guilty as anyone.

All week I have had to keep reminding myself that I have good food in the fridge, ready to eat, rather than ordering a pizza. I’m not sure why this is so hard, but I don’t think I’m alone in this.

I can easily think of scenarios where the temptation to eat poorly for no reason pops into my head. Snow day, power outage, not feeling great, day off of work, Flag Day, Arbor Day… you get the idea. It’s almost like I’m waiting or looking for an excuse to go off plan.

Why? Why do our brains do this to us? I wish I knew the answer, but since I don’t, I just keep telling myself to stick to my routine the best I can. Maybe you just need a friendly reminder too.

Hopefully you have been surviving Snowmaggedon the best you can and haven’t given in to the temptations. But if you did, it’s ok. Just get back on track as soon as possible. And hopefully we can get back to normal soon!

Workout for Thursday, January 31
12 min amrap
1 Power Snatch (155/105)
3 Power Clean and Push Jerks (155/105)
30 Double Unders

Home Workout:
1) Accumulate 5 minutes of Plank Holds
2) Accumulate 2 minutes of Plank Holds on each side.
3) Accumulate 5 minutes of Glute Bridge Hold for Glute Squeeze Quality.
4) Accumulate 2 minutes of Side Plank Glute Bridge on each side.

EMOM 10 min
12 Air Squats
6 Tuck Jumps (scale with high knees)
3 Man on Fire Burpees
(1 MOF Burpee= Down to the floor, roll over to one direction, up on your feet and jump, back to the floor, roll back over and up and jump)

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