Thursday, January 10

Here we go again… Another Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity post!

This time it’s rowing. I have posted rowing technique videos and blogs maybe more than anything else over the years, and I think it’s because this is one of those movements people always think intensity should come first. But guess what? Mechanics still reign supreme!

The thing about rowing is that you will eventually get through it no matter what your technique looks like, unlike a clean that you will miss if you don’t do it correctly. So if you just go hard enough on the rower you can keep up. But you can make your life so much easier!

If you slow down for a bit, focus on your rowing technique, you will get faster in the end. And I guarantee you will feel better every time you get off the rower to do another movement. Because you will be more efficient!

Sure, early on your rowing pace will drop, and that may scare you a bit, but it will pay off. Being efficient means that you are getting more meters per pull, so you will do less work to travel the same distance. Then when you have to get off the rower to do thrusters, you will feel fresher and will be able to keep moving. Then you start to see those workout times drop.

As your mechanics improve, and you are consistent with it, then you can add the speed (intensity).

Here’s another rowing technique video for review before tomorrow’s workout!

Thursday, January 10
For Time:
Cal Row
DB Thrusters (35/20)

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