Friday, October 4

This is an old post, but it just popped up in my feed recently and the message is worth sharing.

Alyssa Ritchey, former CrossFit athlete and current Team USA weightlifter, sends a positive message to everyone about bullying and how to handle it with class.

It’s a shame people have to deal with this stuff, and I am thankful we are surrounded by loving people at 616 that don’t judge each other based on looks or other superficial stuff. And if you do feel like you’re being judged or bullied, please let us know!

Love your body for what it can do and be proud of that. Your worth is not tied to your body fat percentage or your score on the whiteboard. We love you just for being you!

Workout for Friday, October 4
20 min Not For Time Work
Pull Up Progressions - V4
Also Completing:
Single Arm DB Overhead Walking Lunges
5 Working Sets
6 Steps Down + 6 Steps Back
*Alternate Feet, Change Hands at Turn Around.

100 Burpees to a Target for Time

CrossFit 616