Monday, October 7

Here’s a follow up from Friday’s post about people getting bullied, especially women, in the fitness world. A couple of op-eds in the Morning Chalk Up came out recently about cheating in the gym. And as I was reading through the second one, the subject of self-worth came up again. And like Friday, I want to make sure everyone knows that your worth at the gym is not about your body type or scores.

We have seen people “cheating” plenty of times over the years. Usually it comes down to shaving reps or modifying the workout in some other way. And while it’s frustrating as a coach to watch people do this and put up a “great” score, the bigger question is WHY are people doing it.

Hopefully you read both of these columns to get a feel for how frustrating it can be to see your athletes cheating, when all it is really doing is hurting their own progress. And then read the second column that explains “The reason people cheat is because they don’t believe that the effort they put in is good enough. They believe that they have to stack up in a certain place in order to be worthy.”

Don’t get caught up in your score and how it compares to anyone else. The reason to keep track of your score is to compare your future self to your past self - to measure YOUR progress. The leaderboard can help motivate you, but it can hurt you too if you’re not careful.

I’ll say it again, we love you and you are worthy of being here no matter what your score is. And if you cut reps, we still love you. And if you just can’t count well in the fog of a workout, you got it, we still love you!

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Workout for Monday, October 7
3 Rounds, 7 min Each Round - Working From Floor
Rd 1: Find 1 Rep Max Strict Press
Rd 2: Find 1 Rep Max Push Press
Rd 3: Find 1 Rep Max Push Jerk

For Time:
Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
Air Squats

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