Tuesday, October 8

Some words of wisdom from Coach Jeff:

I think that 'Scaling' has somehow become a dirty word in CrossFit. Everyone wants that (sometimes elusive) Rx next to their name on the whiteboard, and it drives us to make decisions we know we shouldn't, and sometimes makes us feel guilty if we can't do 'what everyone else is doing'.

I've had to confront this head on for the last month or so since I sprained my wrist playing softball (I think getting injured playing recreational sports is how you know when you're officially adulting...). For the last several weeks there have been very few workouts I've been able to do as programmed, even weights and reps that are usually no big deal for me. Besides the obvious barbell movements (anything front rack or overhead), hanging from a pullup bar has been painful and anything with too much grip (like KBS) has aggravated it. Pushups and burpees (or darn) haven't felt good, and even the impact of wall balls made them not a good idea.

So have I stayed out of the gym for 4 weeks? Nope, and if anything I've had 4 really good weeks of training. Luckily I made a conscious decision when I first hurt my wrist to not let myself do anything in the gym to make it worse and to be creative in coming up with new things to do. The dumbbells have been my friend, I've gone way lighter (and therefore pushed the pace as much as possible) on lots of workouts, and I haven't been afraid to call an audible mid-WOD if things aren't feeling right. So far so good, and its been consistently getting better and I think in another week or two I'll be 100%.

So what does this look like exactly? I did a 10# wallball one day and focused on breathing and making every rep efficient so when I could go back to the 20# ball I'll be more confident. On the 2000m row day with the increasing reps of power cleans on the minute I did kettlebell swings, and after 7 or 8 minutes I just stopped the kettlebell swings because it was getting painful so I just finished the row as fast as I could. On a snatch day I did single arm DB snatches. I've been saying for months I need to do more V-ups, so I've finally had to work on them everytime T2B have come up. I've done goblet squats instead of overhead squats, back squats instead of front squats, bent over rows instead of pullups, removed the burpee from burpee box jumps (as Tom says, just go faster) and all kinds of other small changes. The open is coming (who else is signed up???) and there will be dumbbells involved, so its been good practice. All of this could be seen as 'scaling' and therefore having some sense that I didn't work as hard as other people, or I could recognize that I just had to modify the workout to enable me to work just as hard. Even on days where I just removed parts of a workout that weren't going to work for me, I still worked really hard, and I feel fitter then I did a month ago.

The whole point here is that small things don't have to keep you out of the gym, and all of us coaches are more than willing to help modify a workout so that you get the most out of it. Small, nagging pains can also turn into big things if we don't give them the attention they deserve, so if you've got something bothering you (or you're uncoordinated like me and hurt yourself doing something silly) just talk to a coach so we can work around it and let your body heal. You're not a wimp if you modify a workout. The magic of CrossFit is in the intensity, so even if you feel like you're not doing what everyone else is doing, know that you're getting fitter, and what more could you want?

Workout for Tuesday, October 8
Tempo Back Squats
3 sec Descent, 1 Sec Pause in Bottom, Stand, 2 sec Pause at top
5X3 @ 65% to 75%

9 min AMRAP
4 Ring Muscle Ups
8 DB Snatches Alternating Arms (50#)
8 DB Lunges Alternating Legs (Hold DB wherever you'd like)

CrossFit 616