Wednesday, October 9

Just one more day left to sign up for the Fall Nutrition Challenge! If you need to get your nutrition on track this is exactly what you need!

You’ll receive food lists, recipe ideas and be a part of the online group so you can support and encourage each other. You’ll also receive food containers that make meal prep easy and easy to understand just how much you should be eating.

Not only will you get a better understanding of what to eat and how to set yourself up for success long-term, you can also win up to $100!

This is your last chance to sign up so don’t wait! There is a sign up sheet at the gym or you can email


Workout for Wednesday, October 9
15 min to Build to Heavy 3 Rep Max Hang Power Snatch

6 min AMRAP
7 Deadlifts (225/155)
9 Box Jumps (24"/20" - Mandatory Step Down)

CrossFit 616