Friday, October 11

Remember we will be running heats of the Open workout Saturday from 9:30-11:30 am. Come in and for 20.1 and help judge your friends in the other heats.

If you can’t make it Saturday you can do the Open workout any other time during open gym, you just need to find your own judge.

And here’s some perspective from Make WODs Great Again - Top 5 Things to Expect during the CrossFit Open. My favorite part is:

5. Expect to hate your coach
CrossFit coaches are (typically) great people. They are thoughtful and caring and by most accounts, want what is best for you.

During “non-open” training a CrossFit coach doesn’t have time to to watch the depth of every single rep or the lockout on every press you make. During the open they will be so far up inside you, they could probably get included into Glassman’s MDL1.

With that in mind, you will likely experience one of two types of coaches.

They will either (very loudly) shout “No Rep!” and send a cascading wave of emotions over you ranging from shock to “WTF?!” Or they will do, like my coach, and count every rep you successfully hit out loud and very passive aggressively repeat the same number over and over when you miss until you get the rep right. Imagine hearing “2-3-4-4-4” until you finally stop and ask what you did wrong.

Don’t misunderstand me. I know what I did wrong, I just don’t want to hear it out loud…”

Here’s the details on 20.1 - please read the rules before doing the workout or judging someone else.

Workout for Friday, October 11
3 Rounds
10 minute Row Holding 150 BPM Heart Rate
Rest 2 min

CrossFit 616