Thursday, October 10

I came across this article the other day and it got me thinking about lots of things related to hunger and fasting. Why you shouldn’t make decisions on an empty stomach, according to science

The article discusses a study that showed we are more likely to “settle” when making decisions while hungry. Now this could be used as an argument against fasting, but I think this could be a great reason to fast every once in a while.

I have fasted a few times from 12-48 hours or more in the past. And while I can only detail my experience, I like what fasting teaches me. But before I get into that, I use fasting for reasons other than weight or fat loss. Not eating for long stretches is not a good, healthy strategy for trying to lose weight, and if you are going to fast you should understand exactly why you are doing it, and talk to your doctor first. I’ll put intermittent fasting in it’s own category, but for now, let’s talk about going without food for a day or more.

So, why do I fast if it can cause me to make less than optimal decisions? I like to go without food because it makes me pay close attention to every decision. If I enter into it willingly and know that each feeling I get throughout the day may be influenced by hunger, I can start to understand what that hunger is doing to my decision making and emotions.

We’ve all heard the term “hangry,” and if you have ever had to skip a meal then you know how easily you can get mad over little things. BUT, if you intentionally fast, and willingly enter into the state of deprivation, it’s much easier to control those emotions. AND then you can start to better control those things when you have to skip a meal not by choice.

At least, this is what I like about fasting, and maybe this isn’t true for everyone. And I don’t think it’s a strategy I’d like to employ more than a few times a year. But I really do think it helps me get in touch with exactly what I am feeling at any time, and then be able to avoid being “hangry” because I know I’m just hungry.

Babies cry when they are hungry because they are not able to communicate or get food on their own. As adults, we should be able to distinguish our feelings of hunger from sadness, anger, or whatever. But since we live in a society that has food ready for us in an instant, all of those things get mixed up from time to time.

I encourage you to go without every once in a while. Go without anything that makes you comfortable for a day. Go without caffeine or TV or food and see what you can learn about your feelings. Of course, always be careful when making a change to your diet, and consult your doctor before you do anything drastic.

Workout for Thursday, October 10
6 Rounds, 3 min Each Round
12 Unbroken Wall Balls (30# to 10' / 20# to 9')
50 Double Unders
12 T2B
*Rest remainder of each Round.
*Scale 50 Double Unders w/ 100 Single Unders
*Heavy Wall Ball Emphasis. Stay heavy, lower Target if needed!

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