Tuesday, February 12

We’re doing a new t-shirt and sweatshirt order! If you are in need of something you can sign up for what you want at the gym - up front by the dumbbells.

Here are links to the different items we are ordering this time around:

Please note that not all colors you see on the website are actually available. Only use the colors listed on the sheets at the gym.

Unisex tri-blend t-shirt: https://www.nextlevelapparel.com/mens-tri-blend-crew-7229.html

Women’s tri-blend racer back tank: https://www.nextlevelapparel.com/womens/womens-tri-blend-racerback-tank.html

Women’s festival tank: https://www.nextlevelapparel.com/womens/women-s-festival-tank.html#

Zip-up hoodie: https://onestopinc.com/catalog/apparel/CV345

Pullover hoodie: https://onestopinc.com/catalog/apparel/CV340/

Women’s funnel-neck sweatshirt: https://onestopinc.com/catalog/apparel/EZ329

Workout for Tuesday, February 12
Jump Rope Progressions
Build into Double Under Basics and Practice

Odd: 50 Double Unders or 45 seconds of Practice
Even: 5 Romanian Deadlifts w/ Pause in Bottom of Hinge
*For RDL's Use Up to 50% of DL Max

CrossFit 616