Monday, February 18

Not Exercising May Be Worse for Your Health Than Smoking, Study Says

This is one of those catchy headlines that seems over the top, but the article is pretty convincing saying “that a sedentary lifestyle is the equivalent of having a major disease and the simplest cure is exercise.”

I always feel like I am preaching to the choir a bit, but some positive reinforcement never hurts. And we all have friends and family that could use a bit more movement in their lives.

“Being unfit on a treadmill or in an exercise stress test has a worse prognosis, as far as death, than being hypertensive, being diabetic or being a current smoker,” Jaber told CNN. “We’ve never seen something as pronounced as this and as objective as this.”

Oh, and don’t smoke either. It’s still really bad for you.

Workout for Monday, February 18
16 min AMRAP
10 DB Push Press Right Arm
10 DB Push Press Left Arm
10 Sit Ups
10 Burpees

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