Wednesday, February 20

Here’s some info on the Nutrition Challenge! This will be run by Coach Jeff, so he will be the go to for most questions, but we’re all here to help if you need it!

As you may have heard, we’re doing a six-week nutrition challenge starting on March 3rd. The focus will be on real foods and learning about proper quantities, and there will be cash prizes for the top 3 people in two categories (percent weight lost and most points). You can get points for (1) eating real food, (2) in the right quantities, and (3) for sleeping 7 or more hours a night. You can also get points based on the number of hours of physical activity you do in a week.

The cost is $50, and that includes 5 of the containers we’ll be using to measure quantities. There will be a private Facebook group for participants, where we’ll be sharing some recipes, meal prepping tips, and encouragement, as well as answering questions. If you’re interested, ask a coach for more details.

There will be an informational meeting (not required for participation) on February 23rd after the 9:30 am CrossFit class, and a sign-up sheet will be at the gym!

Workout for Wednesday, February 20
Overhead Squat Practice - Work From Rack
5X3 w/ 3 sec Pause in Bottom Position
*Building Up with Good Position

6 min AMRAP
10 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
*Scale HSPU with HR Push Ups

CrossFit 616