Thursday, February 28

Please make note that we will NOT have a 7 pm class on Thursday, March 28. We have a coaches development meeting that evening and will be closing early so we can grow as individual coaches, as a staff, and serve you better. Right now, we have four other meetings like this scheduled for 2019. We will let you know the exact dates on the others as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding and allowing us to improve and learn more to pass on to you!

Also, a few people had questions about Friday Night Lights after last week. You DO NOT need to be officially registered for the Open to workout at Friday Night Lights. We will not have normal classes on Friday evening, so you will warm up on your own and sign up for a heat to do the workout, but you won’t need a judge like those registered for the Open. But we would love to have as many people as possible join us on Friday night. And, as always, you don’t have to workout to hang out! Just come have some fun and cheer people on if that’s your thing!

Workout for February 28

Aerobic Capacity
Bike or Row
4 Rounds
4:45 of Steady Pace at 150 BPM Heart Rate
:15 Max Effort Sprint
*No Rest Between Rounds.

CrossFit 616