Tuesday, February 5

We talk a lot about breathing and bracing, but sometimes it doesn’t click until you see someone do it. The video below shows exactly that - some weightlifters squatting big weight and bracing out through the entire midsection before the rep begins.

You can see expansion of the core in 360 degrees as they breathe in and fill up with air. It’s not just an expansion of the belly. We want to breathe and brace out into the belly, sides, and low back.

Creating this tension and solid foundation will improve your squat technique and keep you safe under heavy loads.

Check out the video and read the full post for more information!

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In order to create the spinal stability that we need for both performance and safety in weightlifting, the trunk must be pressurized with air. In addition to improving force transfer to the bar through increased trunk rigidity, intervertebral disc pressure is reduced and the ability to produce muscular force is increased with breath-holding. . To take in a full breath, the diaphragm must contract and push downward, which means our guts have to move out of the way to allow the lungs to fill—this requires the abdomen expand to some degree during inhalation. . Maintain enough tension in the trunk to support whatever weight is on you, and allow the abdomen to expand to fill your lungs—allowing only the chest to rise is not adequate and can actually decrease stability. . Brace the musculature around the circumference of the trunk by imagining pushing your abs down—this locks in the air and stabilizes the trunk while maintaining a broad base. Don’t suck in the abs or cinch your waist in. . A controlled amount of air can be released during the most difficult part of the lift as needed to avoid dizziness, but must be a limited amount so trunk stability is not compromised. . Tag a friend who lifts like they’re showing off their abs to chicks on the beach. . Videos from @hookgrip and @atginsta . ___________________________________________________ #weightlifting #catalystathletics #garagemind #loudmindquietmouth #gregeverett #usaw #iwf #teamWAG #puori #earthfedmuscle @earthfedmuscle @puorilife ___________________________________________________ Visit catalystathletics.com for the biggest collection of free weightlifting articles, videos, exercise demos and more.

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Workout for Tuesday, February 5
Pull Up Progressions V3

12 min amrap
1 Power Snatch (155/105)
3 Power Clean and Push Jerks (155/105)
30 Double Unders

CrossFit 616