Wednesday, February 6

The CrossFit Open is fast approaching and we are looking forward to competing with you all again!

If you don’t know what the Open is I’ll give you a quick rundown here. Basically, it’s a worldwide CrossFit competition that qualifies the very top spots for the CrossFit Games. Most of us don’t have a shot at making it to the Games, but we still use the Open to test our fitness each year. It’s also a great community event and is the best way to feel like you are a part of the worldwide CrossFit community.

In the Open we do one workout a week for five weeks. We will do the workouts at the gym each week on Fridays. The Open workout will be the workout of the day, but if you register for the Open, you’ll need a judge to count and verify your reps. If you are registered, you’ll want to do the workout Friday evening each week at Friday Night Lights!

What’s that? You ask. At Friday Night Lights we will run heats of the Open workout and there will be judges on hand to count your reps. We will rotate people through the workout and you can take turns working out and judging. It’s a fun Friday each week and the best environment for doing these workouts.

If you can’t make Friday Night Lights, you’ll need to provide your own judge if you are officially registered. Coaches WILL NOT be available to judge during class or Open Gym times.

The Open workout will be announced each Thursday, starting February 22 at 8 pm Eastern. You will have until Monday at 8 pm Eastern to submit your score. Your best bet is to come to Friday Night Lights to get a judge, but if you can’t you can do the Open workout in the North Gym when it is free - again, you’ll need to provide your own judge.

Remember, there are more and more classes and events happening here than years past, so make sure you know if there is Open Gym time each week if you can’t make Friday Night Lights.

We are looking forward to taking on this challenge with you again this year. Head to the CrossFit Games site to register under CrossFit 616 right now!

Workout for Wednesday, February 6
Jump Rope Progressions
1 Minute Test Max Single Unders

Odd min: 9 Russian KB Swings + 9 Burpees
Even min: 12 Sit Ups + 12 Air Squats

CrossFit 616