Monday, February 11

I read this article in the CrossFit Journal and I think it’s a good one for everyone to read, even though it’s directed at coaches: Hey, Good Lookin'

It’s a bad title for a good article discussing the intricacies of commenting or discussing someone’s appearance. Even when you have the best intentions at heart, it’s hard to know how a comment on someone’s appearance may be received.

In the article, different coaches discuss how they handle the discussion of weight loss/gain, muscle loss/gain, and more. There’s no right answer on how to discuss these things with someone because everyone has different boundaries and goals. However, we all need to be conscious of the remarks we make about appearance, even when we’re talking about CrossFit celebrities that aren’t in the room.

Many of you have come to the coaching staff to discuss nutrition, weight loss, and muscle gain over the years and we have private discussions with you about those things. But it’s very easy to casually tell someone they look great or ask if they have lost weight without thinking about that person’s goals.

If someone is looking to add muscle and you comment on their weight loss, it may be the exact opposite thing they want and need to hear.

One of the other major takeaways from the article is that you don’t know who else is listening all of the time. You may be telling someone how great they are doing on losing weight and someone that just gained a few pounds could overhear the conversation. Then that person feels worse because they inevitably compare themselves to someone else.

Of course, no one SHOULD compare themselves to someone else, but we all do. I (Brian) have always wanted to add muscle and get bigger, but it’s hard for me. It can be frustrating to see someone join the gym, put on mass quickly and get really strong really fast when it takes me such a long time. I know in my head I shouldn’t worry about that, but sometimes those thoughts are hard to control.

Just remember that you really need to have a close relationship with someone before commenting on their appearance, and you never know who may be listening that is dealing with their own stuff. We know you all support each other in different and amazing ways, and that’s what makes this community great. Don’t stop doing that, but sometimes you just have to be careful how you go about it.

Workout for Monday, February 11
Forward Walking DB Lunges
5 Sets of 20' Down + 20' Back

2 Rounds of 5 min AMRAP
"Strict Cindy"
5 Strict Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats
Rest 5 min Between Rounds

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