Thursday, March 14

Multitasking is actually impossible, you’re really microtasking, jumping back and forth, and never fully concentrating on one thing. If you can’t focus on the task at hand long enough, you’ll never allow your brain to get into the state of real creativity and focus.

I challenge you to put your phone down and focus on one task for 20 minutes and see how much better that work will go.

Check out this video explaining how our phones are not just a distraction, but can actually cause more anxiety by keeping us from focusing on one thing at a time.

Tom recently read the book The Power of Less and he’s going to follow up on this post soon with more information on how to focus and get more done by doing less!

Workout for Thursday, March 14
6 Rounds
4 Min Each Round, Rest 2 min Between Each
Row 300m or Ride 0.6km Sprint
15 Box Jumps (step down)
15 Sit Ups
Steady Burpees in Remaining Time
*Row/Bike, Box Jumps, and Sit Ups are fast.
*Steady and Unbroken Burpees!
*Alternate Rounds of Bike and Row.

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