Monday, March 18

I get to write this post at least once a year during the Open so here it goes again…

After watching 19.4 and seeing multiple first pull ups and muscle ups I remember why the competition aspect of the Open is important. There’s just something about being in this scenario of not having a choice that pushes you to another level.

But sometimes we don’t succeed on a particular movement or weight. So what do we do?

I choose to let that motivate me to train harder. I continue to work on my weaknesses, and I definitely don’t wait until next year’s Open to try again.

Each year we see people get their first muscle up in the Open, and then the excitement fades away and we forget to keep going from there. That first muscle up, or pull up, or whatever is just the FIRST! Don’t stop trying them when the Open ends.

If you continue where you left off after 19.4 and keep putting in the work on those movements you WILL be better next year.

It’s hard to think that far ahead, but try to harness the excitement of the Open and remember how bad you wanted that rep at that time.

The Open is here to push you and motivate you. Yes, we’re all going to get to the point of failure at some time, but that doesn’t mean it’s all over. This is just the beginning!

If you didn’t accomplish your goal in this workout that is ok. Don’t think of it as a failure. Think of it as useful information that will help you get better going forward.

If you want a muscle up or pull up in the next Open (which is in October this year), don’t wait until the workout announcement to start trying! START NOW! Hold on to that feeling and use that as motivation.

You are capable, but it takes work. So if you really want it, keep working, ask for help, and never give up!

Workout for Monday, March 18
Jump Rope Progressions
Single Under Test
5 Rounds of:
30 sec Max Single unders
30 sec Rest

5 Rounds for Time
12 DB Front Rack Lunges Alternating Legs (50/35)
12 DB Shoulder to Overhead (50/35 - 6 on Right, then 6 on Left)
12 Push Ups

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