Wednesday, March 27

Remember that we will close at 7 pm this Thursday for a coaches training session. This gives us a chance to get all of our coaches together to continue to learn and progress so we can help you do the same. Full, normal schedule until 7 pm. Thank you!

And it’s Wednesday FriendsDay today so bring a friend to any class to try CrossFit for the first time!

Here’s a good blog post from Dr. Jason Ross at Train Out Pain. He discusses how all of his real learning in life has come through some sort of emotional connection to the subject. After reading it, I think I agree for myself. I really had no interest in learning anatomy or physiology in school, but once I got into training and loved it I found myself seeking out knowledge and soaking up as much as possible. It took that emotional connection for me to want to learn this stuff.

Are you the same? Can you learn something without having a connection, or do you find yourself just memorizing things to pass a test or get the job done? Is memorizing facts really learning?

Read his post here and think about how and why you learn new things: Learning is Asking an Emotional Question

Workout for Wednesday, March 27
16 min AMRAP
20' DB Walking Lunge
7 DB Push Press Right Arm
7 DB Push Press Left Arm
20' DB Walking Lunge
7 Plank Position DB Rows Right Arm
7 Plank Position DB Rows Left Arm

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