Tuesday, April 2

CrossFit announced that Games tickets will go on sale to affiliates on Thursday, April 4. We have access to the pre-sale that goes from April 4-8. However, we can only purchase eight Festival + Coliseum packages. We know that's not enough for everyone, but we are limited on how many we can purchase during the pre-sale. These eight packages will be available on a first-come first-serve basis on Friday, April 5. If you want a Festival + Coliseum package you will need to pay IN PERSON AT THE GYM Friday morning. We will be open at 5:45 am.

You may purchase TWO packages for you and your spouse/significant other, but no more. The tickets are $235 each.

Again, this is first-come first-serve and payment must be made IN PERSON with cash, check or credit card on Friday, April 5. We CANNOT bill your account for these.

Feel free to line up as early as you want. We will open at 5:45 am on Friday, April 5.

Here’s all the info from the CrossFit Games about tickets and the venue.

Workout for Tuesday, April 2
Snatch Practice
15 min to Build to Heavy Double
*Does not have to be touch and go!

For Time:
Row 400m
20 American KB Swings
Row 300m
15 American KB Swings
Row 200m
10 American KB Swings
Row 100m
5 American KB Swings

CrossFit 616