Thursday, April 18

I need to congratulate a few people here for their accomplishments over the last few weeks!

First, the winners of the Nutrition Challenge have been announced and here they are:
The Top 3 Weight Loss (% bodyweight lost):
1. Courtney Schievink
2. Matt Maslowski
3. Matt Berry

Top 3 Points:
1. Josh VanSickle
2. Calvin Cooper
3. Heather Johnson

We had a LOT of people lose weight and gain muscle mass on this challenge. We are very proud of everyone that participated and stuck with it for the six weeks. Hopefully you learned some skills you can carry forward from here.

Next up, congrats to Christian Roberts for making it to the Master’s Online Qualifier for the CrossFit Games! He finished top-200 in his age group so the Online Qualifier is the next step in making it to the Games. He’ll have to do five workouts over one weekend (May 2-6) and submit his scores and videos. The top 10 from each age group make it to the Games. Save that weekend and help cheer Christian on or do the workout with him to give him a push!

And last but not least, we had three people medal at the Spartan Open weightlifting meet this past weekend!
Tom - 🥈 81 kg weight class
Josh - 🥇 67 kg weight class
Kristen - 🥇59 kg weight class

I know more of you were in action too - running a 5k (for the first time!), riding in the Barry-Roubaix bike race, and more - so congrats to everyone that is putting their fitness to the test. We love that so many of you are getting outside and using your fitness!

Workout for Thursday, April 18
Pull Up Progressions (yes, you’ll be seeing this more often for the next few weeks)

20 min Not For Time Work
Ring Dips
5X5 - 1 sec Pause at Top and Bottom of Each Rep
*Add Weight if Able to.

DB Box Step Ups
5X5 on Each Leg
*All 5 reps on Right Leg, Then All 5 reps on Left Leg

Jump Rope Practice
Accumulate 5 minutes of Jump Rope Practice
Practice Position for Single Unders and Double Unders.
*No more than 500 Double Unders
*No more than 1,000 Single Unders

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