Monday, April 22

Just Get Started! That’s the title of this short daily podcast episode from CrossFit coach Jason Khalipa, which you can watch below.

Look, we all have things we want to accomplish - in the gym or otherwise, but sometimes the toughest part is getting going. The goal may seem so difficult that it is just easier to not ever start than to try and perhaps fail.

But how will you ever know?

I look back to eight years ago when I was thinking about opening a gym, and if there hadn’t been certain people around me that kept pushing me to take one small step after another I am not sure I’d be where I am today. I’ll never be able to thank those people enough, and they probably don’t know how important a simple nudge to look at a piece of real estate or a link to sign up for a certification was in the process. But each step mattered because now I had started!

In the gym we all have goals. Whether it’s the first pull up, mastering double unders, or snatching your bodyweight. Sometimes those goals seem so far away that we just end of talking about them and never begin the process of practicing them regularly to get there.

Yes, it may take a long time. Yes, it may be difficult. Yes, it will be worth it if it is important to you.

Just Get Started!

Workout for Monday, April 22
Min 1: 5 Touch and Go Power Snatches w/ Pause in Catch
Min 2: 12 T2B + Max Reps Double Unders or Double Under Practice
Min 3: Rest

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