Wednesday, April 24

“The most important strength CrossFit gave me for this wasn’t physical. It was mental. CrossFit workouts, if you go hard, are really difficult, and you have a decision to make: You either keep going, or you rest.”

This is a quote from CrossFit trainer Austin Malleolo after pulling a PR 600 pound deadlift and running the Boston Marathon in the same day. He was interviewed by Runner’s World after the event to see how he was feeling and how he trained for that day.

Also, I don’t recommend anyone try this. Malleolo has trained a long time and he knew his body could handle something like this. He also did it as a fundraiser for a charity he works with in the Boston area.

The cool thing is that his CrossFit training prepared him to take on two huge tasks in the same day and not completely fall apart. Even if the things you are preparing for aren’t maxing your deadlift and running a marathon, CrossFit can help keep you fit enough to get through a lot.

Sure, if you want to be the best in the world at something you need to train specifically for it, but if you just want to be healthy and ready for recreational sports or activities, CrossFit is there for you.

And when you come across a really tough challenge, hopefully the challenges you face in the gym each day have prepared you physically and mentally for them. Like Malleolo says, “you have a decision to make: You either keep going, or you rest.”

Workout for Wednesday, April 24
20 min AMRAP
13 KB Swings (70/53)
12 KB Front Rack Lunges
Run 1 Lap

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