Thursday, April 25

Love this post from StrongFit!

Let’s stop chasing numbers and start thinking about how we feel during movements. Just because we used to be able to do something or we think we should be able to do something doesn’t mean we’ve earned the right to do it right now.

Watch the short clip below about moving well and feeling good and let that be your goal. If you start to feel good doing a particular movement that means you are most likely doing the movement correctly and efficiently. Then the numbers will come.

Goes back to Mechanics, Consistency, then Intensity. If you get the first two, the third one is easy to add.

Workout for Thursday, April 25
Pull Up Progressions

15 min Clock
Build to 3 rep Max Power Clean
*Touch and Go Reps

Working off of Today's 3 RM Power Clean:

2 Power Cleans @ 85% + 5 Burpees
*Touch and Go Power Cleans

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