Monday, April 29

You guys know I love nasal breathing for lots of reasons - cleaning/filtering the air, warming/cooling the air, and keeping the diaphragm working properly so you take more efficient breaths, which leads to better performance.

Here’s an article from the NY Times Magazine that details even more reasons why we should be nose breathers, especially when we’re not exercising.

“Scientists link habitual mouth breathing to a host of medical issues, including sleep problems, learning disorders, tooth decay, bad breath and jaw deformities in children.”

The article also discusses a new study from Japan that showed brain cell development in rats slowed down when they were forced into mouth breathing only.

Start paying attention to how you are breathing when you’re at work, at home, and throughout the day. And don’t be a mouth breather!

Workout for Monday, April 27
For Time
Buy in with 1,000m Row
10 rounds of
8 T2B
12 DB Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35)
12 Pistol Squats Alternating Legs
Cash Out with 1,000m Row

*DB Hang Clean and Jerks: 6 on Right, then 6 on Left

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