Tuesday, April 30

I read this article from Eat to Perform and think it’s worth sharing: Cheat Meals have a HIGH likelihood of harming your view of food (or worse)

Actually, from the headline, I thought the article was going to go in a different direction, but they make some valid points.

If you are regularly looking forward to cheat meals, your day-to-day diet might be off. There’s a good chance you are looking forward to binge days because you are not eating enough regularly. And while that’s not everyone’s problem, it is easy to fall into the over-dieting trap.

Also, if you hate every other day of eating besides the cheat day, you don’t have a healthy, sustainable relationship with food that can last a lifetime.

This isn’t saying you can’t have a cheat meal or day from time to time, but you do need to consider the role those meals play in your everyday diet. And think about how you view those meals compared to your everyday meals.

Also remember that crushing a whole pizza and a pint of ice cream on your cheat day is reinforcing poor diet behaviors. If you want to have a meal with foods outside of your normal nutrition plan, you still need to practice eating a normal amount and not overdo it.

A lot of this comes down to mindset and how you approach food. This is different for everyone, but you need to enjoy the food you eat every day or it will be very difficult to stick to your diet plan. It can also make you miserable if you hate what you are eating all of the time.

If you have questions on how to eat healthy and enjoy it, please let us know and hopefully we can figure out what will work for you!

Workout for Tuesday, April 30
Pull Up Progressions

Min 1) 5 Ring Or Bar Muscle Ups
Min 2) 14 Alternating DB Snatches (50/35)
Min 3) 15 Push Ups + Max Reps Double Unders
Min 4) Rest

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