Friday, April 5

Some words of wisdom from the Simpsons…

After a brief Google search I am pretty sure this is untrue (Thanks, Kennedy!), but maybe we can learn from it anyway.

Do you look at a crisis as an opportunity to learn or improve or do you just see that bad that is happening at that moment?

Any time we face adversity we have a chance to grow. Embrace that. Change your mindset and think about how you can grow from any crisis you face - just like Homer Simpson!

Workout for Friday, April 5
5 Rounds for Time
3 Rds of Cindy
1 Round of DT

1 Rd of Cindy:
5 Pull ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

1 Rd of DT:
12 Deadlifts (155/105)
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Shoulder to Overhead

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