Tuesday, April 9

I’m sure a lot of you saw this post from former CrossFit Games athlete Julie Foucher. It was shared by lots of people, but I think it’s good enough, and applicable enough, to share it again.

The message is clear in her caption, so please read it. I’ll just say to think about how this might apply to your life?

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9 years #InTheOpen gives you a lot of data to look at, and it’s always fun to see where you fall relative to the rest of the field from year to year. But these numbers alone don’t tell the whole story, do they? While the stats you see here suggest that my fitness has taken a steady decline since retiring from @CrossFitGames competition after the 2015 season (it has), what they DON’T tell you about is everything else that’s going on in my life. Since 2015, my goals have shifted from becoming the Fittest on Earth to becoming the best doctor, wife, future mom, and podcast host I can be. Rather than making daily decisions to support my training and performance, I now do #CrossFit to support my progress toward these other goals. So, while it would be easy to get caught up in these numbers and feel like I am regressing in some way, I can instead take them in context and be so PROUD of the fitness I continue to express that is allowing me to be better in so many of the other areas of my life that are now my primary focus. Enjoy the leaderboard and the objective data it allows you to track, but don’t let these numbers define your success or failure, and always keep them in the context of the bigger picture of your life and goals. WHY do you do CrossFit? WHY do you participate in the Open? If you do CrossFit to help you be a better father/sister/business partner/leader/etc then measure your progress on the father/sister/business partner/leader/etc “leaderboard” - if you are seeing progress in those areas you know your training is serving its true purpose. 2011- 5th 2012 -2nd 2013 - 167th 2014 - 14th 2015 - 11th 2016 - 133rd 2017 - 529th 2018 - 879th 2019 - 1982nd

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It’s easy to just look at the numbers on the leaderboard or in your everyday tracking, but the numbers don’t always tell the full picture.

What’s going on in your life that might affect your leaderboard rank? Are you able to see the big picture and accept that while you are working on other things, your fitness may drop a bit? That is ok!

Don’t let the leaderboard or your score on a workout define you! Your Fran time may go down, but you may be “a better father/sister/business partner/leader/etc” as Julie says in her post.

Workout for Tuesday, April 9
Clean and Jerk Practice
Every 2 min for 14 min
2 Touch and Go Clean and Jerks
*Power Cleans and Push Jerks.
*Increase weight with good lifts!

Mullet Squats
1 Set = 2 Front Squats + 5 Back Squats
5 Working Sets @ 70% to 80% of Front Squat

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