Wednesday, April 10

So you are eating all the right foods, but not losing weight (or gaining weight, or whatever your goal is). What’s going on?

It is very easy to cheat/eat too much or too little without even knowing it. The graphic below does a great job of showing this.

Usually, once we commit to eating the right foods we have to start dialing in the correct amounts. It’s ok to make this a two-step process, but eventually quality AND quantity matter.

The little decisions made throughout the day add up. And each of those days add up to weeks and months and years. When it comes to eating to make a change in your body composition, consistency over the long term is what matters.

Check out the graphic below and think about how you prepare food. I know I am always guilty of eating a little extra peanut butter out of the jar. Do you have little cheats that add up? Do you even know?

Wednesday, April 10
Min 1: 40 Double Unders or 45 sec of Attempts / Practice
Min 2: 10 T2B + 15 Air Squats
Min 3: 20' Handstand Walk or 20 Plank Shoulder Touches

CrossFit 616