Tuesday, May 21

There’s a reason (or reasons) we go through the same warm up every time we snatch and clean and jerk. Obviously we are working on the technique of the lifts themselves every time we warm up, but there’s some about a routine that matters when you are doing these technical movements.

Do you have a pre-lift routine? This could go for the snatch, clean, jerk, squat, deadlift, etc…

You should have some type of routine you go through before you take any lift so that every time you lift it is the same. You should have a mental checklist of the things you need to think about before the lift. These won’t be the same for everyone, but you should know what you need to concentrate on.

Every great athlete has a pre-whatever routine. Great basketball players take every free throw the same way, great kickers set up for every field goal the same, and great golfers do the same pre-shot routine.

Check out the post below that talks about Jack Nicklaus’ pre-shot routine and how sticking to his routine kept him calm and focused.

If you have never thought about your pre-lift set up, now is the time. Focus on breathing, bracing, the points of performance you need to hit. Take your time and go through your routine and see if your lifts don’t improve!

Workout for Tuesday, May 21
For Time:
Row 2,000m

15 minutes of Handstand Practice
Handstand Progressions
Handstand Holds
Handstand Push Ups
Handstand Walking

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