Wednesday, May 29

Here’s a great video from Mobility WOD on foot position. If you don’t have a strong, stable foot, you will most like have problems up the chain in your knees, hips and more.

We have talked about the tripod foot before and you’ve probably heard us say “screw your feet into the ground” when squatting, but what does that mean?

And while we say “knees out” a lot, maybe a full explanation of that would be helpful too. You’ll see in the video that it all starts with the feet. Stable, strong feet keep the knees and hips in the right positions and will keep you moving pain free.

Do your feet roll in while squatting? Is your ankle collapsing to the inside of your foot? If these positions seem familiar to you please watch the video for ideas on how to start fixing it.

Even if you just watch the first few minutes you’ll see what a stable foot with a strong arch looks like. And if you have flat feet you CAN work on strengthening and rebuilding your arch!

Check out the video and let us know if you have questions.

Workout for Wednesday, May 29
Min 1) 5 Burpees + Max Unbroken Set of T2B
Min 2) Bike 10/7 Calories
Min 3) 10 DB Twists + 4 Overhead DB Lunges Each Arm

*Scale T2B with Kipping High Knees.
*Alternating Legs on DB Lunges (4 on Right then 4 on Left)

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