Friday, May 31

We’ve got 100 calories to row so let’s do them as efficiently as possible!

One of the more common faults we see on the rower is not staying connected to the machine and the fan inside. You need to feel this connection right at the beginning of your push (pull) so you have tension on the chain and in your body right away.

If you feel the chain slide without tension for a few inches it means you did not catch the fan properly in your stroke. The other fault is feeling the hips shoot out without the chain moving under tension.

This can be hard to explain, but the video below does a good job of showing this with a few drills to help fix it. The video is from Australia and they call the rowing machine an “ergo,” which is short for ergometer - the technical name for the rower.

Also, they show how this applies to rowing on the water in case you ever do that!

Efficiency and technique matter on the rower just like everything else, so make those 100 calories as easy as possible by optimizing your technique!

Workout for Friday, May 31
For Time:
100 cal Row
100 Burpees
1 mile Run
*Partition However You Please.

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