Thursday, June 13

Mindset. It matters when it comes to everything. Here’s a very cool story from strongman Eddie Hall on how he broke the deadlift world record at 500 kg (1102 pounds)!!!!!

He admits right away that he wasn’t physically capable of pulling 500 kg. He hadn’t even come close in training and was missing lifts 30 kg (66 pounds) lighter.

So how could he even attempt 500? Mindset.

He worked with psychologists and therapists to take his brain to a place of fight or flight so he could get as much adrenaline as possible. And that would allow him to access more of his muscle fibers.

Research shows the average person uses about 50% of their muscle fibers, and serious athletes up to 70%. But then there’s the example of the mother lifting a car off her children and accessing 100% of her muscle, and having superhuman strength.

In the video, Eddie talks about how he trained his brain to go that place. And he was able to lift 1102 pounds even though he had not come close in training.

It’s a pretty amazing story of how much potential we truly have. It’s also full of profanity - sorry.

Also, this isn’t a strategy you’d use every day, but even just having a positive mindset can help the physical.

Hopefully Eddie’s story inspires you!

Workout for Thursday, June 13
15 min to Build to Heavy Complex
2 Snatch Deadlifts
1 Snatch High Pull from Below Knee
1 Hang Power Snatch from Below Knee

Back Squat
3X3 @ 80%
3X2 @ 85% to 90%

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