Friday, June 14

Guest blog today from Leara! She sent this in after reading the blog about “how you do one thing is how you do everything” and I really liked her take on it all. And thanks Alison for sharing your thoughts in the Facebook group. I always appreciate your feedback on the blog posts or anything else we do here, so please send your thoughts my way. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up with a guest blog too!

Each night before going to bed I have a ritual of reading the 616 blog hoping perhaps to have dreams of crushing WODs of course. Usually, I can fall asleep pretty quickly but the blog with an invite to a response from it’s readers had me laying in bed wide awake. I re-read the quote:

“The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything”

Thoughts continually flooded my mind when I decided to accept the blog invite to share my own thoughts, and I then sent a stream of consciousness response email at about midnight, naturally.

The questions in the blog continued to keep me awake:

Where do you give 100%

Do you consciously choose which things to give your all to?

Do you go hard on everything?

I found myself questioning what defines 100%?

It seems we live in a do more go harder society. Is that 100% defined as placing all of your energy into everything you do? As related to fitness does this refer to going balls to the wall, or balance with rest and nutrition? So does not going hard in a workout also mean you don’t give your all to your career or your family? I’d like to think not. Sometimes our energies are utilized where they need to be in our lives, which may mean different areas of your life require more energy and attention than others.

I like to think of it as each day you wake up and have a full cup of water - this is your 100%. You also have a set of empty labeled cups before you - these cups are labeled work, family, school, big project at work, working out, grief, friends, etc. And with that full cup of water you carefully pour a little in each empty cup, determining which one will require a higher percentage of energy at this time. When complete, some cups may seem much lower than others and they may even shift throughout the day. But within that labeled cup that is your 100% of the energy you are able utilize at this time for that label. Whatever is in your cup is your 100% available.

Of course there is the correlation between the things you think and actions you take, which over time can become habitual behaviors or a habitual mentality. With that said we also need to take into consideration that 100% varies per person. Today that person may have a few drops in the workout cup, and that is that person’s 100% of energy they can utilize for today.

As for how we best determine which cups to fill - well you have to look at what needs your attention and energy at this time, and that cup may get more of a fill than others. We need to ask ourselves what is going to be the best use of my energy, what is most important in this moment and what is going to benefit my own well-being and passions? Also, which cups help fuel more energy or brings joy into our lives? We want to make sure this cup has even just a few drops as other cups may need more energy and can be draining. But this cup helps us catch our breath. This cup may be the workout cup where you get to move, connect with friends, and have a few laughs. By answering these questions you will slowly add to your own cups, and when you look at them and some may seem a bit low where you wish they weren’t don’t worry, nothing lasts forever. There will be change and they will share constantly - shifting and pouring into one another.

Workout for Friday, June 14
Pull Up Progressions

For Time:
Buy In with 800m Run
100 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
100 Double Unders / 200 Single Unders
100 Sit Ups
100 Double Unders / 200 Single Unders
100 Burpees
Cash Out with Run 800m

*Work straight through the work in the middle.

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