Wednesday, June 26

It’s Wednesday Friendsday! Bring a friend to any class time to try CrossFit for the first time!

Now here’s a scary article I saw: Horns are growing on young people’s skulls. Phone use is to blame, research suggests.

We talk about movement, position, and posture a lot in the gym, but you’re spending way more time outside of the gym and, unfortunately, too much of that time is spent looking at some kind of screen.

And now we are growing horns because of it.

OK, this is probably less likely to happen to us as adults, but I feel like this is something we should all be conscious of, especially if you have young children.

I doubt screen use and mobile devices are going away any time soon, so learning good posture and reinforcing it through good movement is becoming more and more important.

Don’t let your hard work of strengthening good positions in the gym go to waste by being in poor positions the other 16ish hours you are awake.


Workout for Wednesday, June 26
6 Rounds for Time
400m Run
15 Russian KB Swings (70/53)

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