Monday, July 1

I love this post from Iraki Nutrition on adherence. It’s the most important thing when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Like he says in the post - a lot of people want to find the little secret, the supplement, or the one magic exercise instead of focusing on the basics over the long haul - or, putting the cart before the horse.

Make your training or nutrition plan realistic, enjoyable, and flexible and you’ll find it’s a lot easier to stick to it long term and see real, lasting results!

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👨🏻‍🔬As Dr. Helms said back in 2015, “do not put the cart before the horse” which is a proverb that means essentially you're getting ahead of yourself and you're on the losing side of priorites. The point here is that priorities are a point usually missed out on when it comes to training: we often focus on the minutiae rather than the big rocks such as the perfect amount of volume we should do for that muscle group before even starting the program. - 💪🏽The training process has to be realistic, enjoyable and flexible. To make it stick to your mind you can use the simple “REF yourself” memory tool. - 😎The first things to consider when planning your training are schedule and time frame. You need to consider your real life week-to-week and day-to-day tasks before planning how many sets of biceps or squats sessions you can do. If you've decided that the optimal program for you should be a 5 days split including 2 hours sessions but you have a demanding job, a family and other hobbies, then you should reconsider how realistic is sustaining this approach over the long term. Concentrate on what you can do over the long run and how you can implement training around your life and not the opposite. - 😀Now, the plan needs to enjoyable as well. Even if it would be suboptimal in some cases in terms of frequency or intensity, the fact that you enjoy it will improve your adherence and overall consistency. The optimal training plan not only exists just in your mind or on paper but also does not equal sustainable. - ☝🏽Flexibility is the overall theme of the pyramid because being flexible is critical: it allows you to enjoy your training and ultimately to be realistic. Anything that creates a negative stress in your life can undermine your progress, thus autoregulation based on energy levels and daily pressures are excellent tools to match your training stress to your life's ability to manage stress. - 😉Stay tuned for the next level of the training pyramid! - 📊Infographic by @eliaolivierobarbon

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