Friday, July 12

Here’s your second CrossFit Games workout of the week!

We did the Triple Three on Wednesday and we’re taking a run at the Muscle Up Biathlon today. I love the fact that we can test these workouts to see how we compare to the best of the best. But what I really love is that we all get a chance to prove to ourselves that we are CAPABLE of doing these workouts.

Sure, we have to scale these things and our times aren’t world records, but we CAN do them. That is the beauty of CrossFit - it can be modified so anyone can do the workout of the day. There is no prerequisite level of fitness you need to get started. And trying really tough workouts teaches us that we are capable of so much more than we think sometimes. And even if you can’t do the RX version of the workout, it gives you something to work towards.

The other thing that jumps out at me is that we would have never thought about programming this workout in 2014 when it was announced at the Games. CrossFit, fitness, this gym, or whatever you want to call it has evolved so much in those five years. When I started in 2010 this workout would have been crazy even for Games athletes. Now we have plenty of people capable of completing this workout RX in this gym. And sure, it took those people years of work to get to that point, but with hard work you can get there.

Remember that this fitness thing is a life-long pursuit. It doesn’t happen in a day, a month, or a year so enjoy the process!

Here’s the video of the Muscle Up Biathlon from 2014 for some inspiration.

Workout for Friday, July 12
2014 CF Games "Muscle Up Biathlon"

For Time
400 meter Run
18 Ring Muscle-Ups
400 meter Run
15 Ring Muscle-Ups
400 meter Run
12 Ring Muscle-Ups

*Any time a set is broken, 200m Penalty Run. (One all around the building)

Time Cap: 25 minutes

*Scale RMU w/ Hardest Pull Up Option + Push Ups

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