Tuesday, August 6

Every year when I watch the CrossFit Games I feel the need to remind myself, and everyone else, that the sport of CrossFit and what we do in a CrossFit gym every day are different things. That’s ok. We can still be really fit without trying to be professional athletes and train all day.

However, there are some things about competing that can be very valuable to your training and mindset.

We need to test ourselves from time to time. That doesn’t mean every workout every day, but it’s great to sign up for a competition or a race to see where you are in your fitness journey. It’s just a test of your progress at that specific moment in time. It doesn’t mean your worse or better than anyone or any other time in your life. It just shows you where you are right at that exact moment. And guess what? If you don’t like where you stand, you can change it.

That’s why testing and competing can be so valuable. You get to really learn something about yourself. Maybe it’s not just the physical. Maybe you learned your mind is stronger than you thought. Maybe you learned that you are a great teammate and can help others stay focused and positive.

I hope you’ll try competing sometime. It doesn’t have to be CrossFit, but I do think there is value in it. And you don’t have to do anything to be “ready” to compete. You just do it. You are ready right now!

The Open competition for the 2020 CrossFit Games begins October 10!

Workout for Tuesday, August 6
Pull Up Progressions

For Time
Buy In with 400m Run
5 Rounds
20 Air Squats
15 American KB Swings (53/35)
10 Push Ups
Cash Out with 400m Run

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