Monday, August 12

Here’s a great video from The Gymnastics Course on butterfly chest-to-bar pull ups. You can see that she gets her hips very high and that helps keep her arms straight as long as possible before pulling into the bar. This is a great, efficient chest-to-bar pull up. But is it for everyone?

If you read the caption on the post you’ll see that they DO NOT recommend this skill for everyone. There is quite a bit of prerequisite strength required for a movement like this to maintain position and keep your shoulders healthy.

Just because a skill looks cool or seems faster doesn’t mean it’s for you. At least not yet. The Gymnastics Course lays out pretty strict guidelines to follow before attempting butterfly chest-to-bar.

“We definitely do NOT recommend this skill for the majority of athletes because it requires a tremendous amount of:
1.Strict Pull-Up Strength
2.Body Awareness for Control & Timing
3.Healthy Shoulders!
4.Spatial Awareness

Do NOT do this skill if you don’t have:
1.At least 5-8 SLOW controlled pull-ups with a 3 count eccentric (in a row) to demonstrate to a coach that you have understanding of how to stay “active” in the shoulder muscles during the bottom of the skill.
2.Complete proficiency with 15-20 kipping pull-ups”

It’s easy to get caught up and want to try the skills you see people doing in the CrossFit Games or in the gym, but stop and think about who is doing them and how much experience they have. Some people can make very difficult skills look easy, and that is a trap! Don’t fall for it. Stick to real progressions and hold yourself to the standard of high quality movement. Your body will thank you and you’ll feel better!

Workout for Monday, August 12
Kipping Practice
Kipping Swings
Kipping Pull Ups
Kipping C2B

For Time:
Run 400m
21 DB Thrusters (50/35)
21 C2B Pull ups
Run 400m
15 DB Thrusters
15 C2B Pull ups
Run 400m
9 DB Thrusters
9 C2B Pull Ups

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