Monday, August 19

"There's more to your physical practice than just exercising hard."

This is a quote from Dr. Andy Galpin in the video below on sleep and recovery. Being in your best physical shape should include more than how much you lift or how fast you run. We need to really start thinking about fitness as being extremely healthy and not just based on markers in the gym.

Exercise is an important component to our health, but it may come third to sleep and nutrition. And those two seem to give us fits for some reason.

What do you do if you are sleep deprived? What if you have kids that wake you up throughout the night? How do you manage shift work?

You have to take all of the stresses in your life, including exercise and make sure you are balancing those things with recovery.

If you get sleep deprived for a few days, you need to spend at least that many days catching back up. You can't make up for 5 days of sleep deprivation by sleeping in once on the weekend.

And sometimes you may need to back off your training to make sure you are getting the recovery you need.

Check out the video for more conversation on how much sleep you need and how to manage when you don't get enough.

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