Wednesday, August 21

Really love this post from Lift Big Eat Big. If you have been trying to dial in your nutrition, but aren't making the progress you want, maybe you need to be a little more precise.

In the picture below there are two meals that look very similar, but one is almost 200 calories more than the other. Even if you are just eating three meals a day that's nearly 600 extra calories you are consuming.

And, as he says in his post, these are small meals that you'd probably be eating six times throughout the day, so that adds up to 7,000 extra calories per week.


If you are just maintaining a weight and you are happy, then you probably don't need to worry about this. But if you are struggling with weight loss or gain, you may need to take the extra time to weigh and measure your food.

Once you practice with a scale, you can usually eyeball it, but it's pretty easy to make mistakes. Checking back in with the food scale from time to time may be eye opening.

Don't let your eyes fool you! If you're serious about changing your body composition take the time to dial in the exact amounts for a little while. You may be much happier in the end even if you don't like the work up front!

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