Thursday, August 22

Here's another great post from Squat University on maintaining tension off the floor in the clean.

You can read his full commentary or listen to the post below, but he points out that many people will see this lift and only think about the miss in the rack position. And while it's true that he doesn't have enough stability in the receiving position, we need to think about why.

The lift starts and he loses tension right off the ground - you can see his back move. That causes everything to be off and and out in front of him. Then he has to jump forward and reach for the bar, which causes him to not be a stable position to rack the bar.

Watch the video and see for yourself how the beginning of the lift effects the end of the lift. It's hard to focus on multiple things while lifting, so make sure your set up and lift off have as much tension and stability as possible so the rest of the lift can go well.

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Today I want to review this missed lift to help any of you who may be having similar problems.🏋🏼‍♀️ . Most will think the problem came from an inability to stabilize at the reception, but instead the real attention needs to be focused at the start and his inability to stay tight and control the bar off the floor, leading to rushing the his pull and losing position.❌ . Here’s a recommended progression from 2x Olympian Chad Vaughn @olychad. Start with a power clean with a pause a few inches off the ground + front squat + a clean with a pause a few inches off the ground. During the pause cleans, grab the ground with your feet, drive your feet hard into the ground and brace your core. As you pull the bar from the ground, pause a few inches into the pull and feel for your glutes engaging hard before controlling into the next phase of the pull. Perform this sequence for the 1st three warm up sets up to about 60%.✅ . As you move up in weight to around 80%, change to a clean with a pause a few inches off the ground + a clean.🏋🏼‍♀️ . Shout out to @michaeldean5 for being todays athlete model. We'll check back in with him in a few weeks to see how his progress goes in using these tips. Also shout out to @3d4medical with the Complete Anatomy app for the visual of the body🙏🏼 _________________________________________ This is the 312th #SquatUclub eligible post!! Remember everyday - “like,” & comment using the hashtag #squatUclub ASAP and I’ll pick one person to start working with on whatever help you need (squat technique, an achy hip with deadlifts, etc). TURNING ON post notifications (click the “following” button on my page & select “posts”) will help you be first in line each day!

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