Monday, August 5

The best rowing technique for calories is the best rowing technique. Yes, you read that right. Rowing with the best technique possible, and being as efficient as possible, is the best way to row. Always. For calories and for meters.

If you row as efficiently as possible you will generate more calories per hour over the course of the row. That's the way you get the most calories as fast as possible for you.

Just because you aren't generating the same output as the person next to you doesn't mean you are necessarily doing something wrong. Rowing favors bigger people and the reward may show up more during a calorie row versus a distance row, but in the end, there's nothing you can do about it.

Well, there's one thing you can do - get better at rowing. If your technique is off or if you just need to build your engine, you can improve your rowing.

Check out the video for the full explanation. And please stop changing technique or thinking there's some magic setting for calories versus meters.

Workout for Monday, August 5
5 Working Sets
3 Strict Press + 6 Push Press

For Time:
100 Cal Row
100 Burpees
*Partition However You Please

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