Monday, September 2

Remember we have just one class Monday at 8:30 am. Come get your workout in and go have some fun on Labor Day!

CrossFit has changed the season for the Open and the Games, and although none of us may be competing to make it to the CrossFit Games right now, the Open is a great test of our fitness each year. We encourage everyone to do the Open workouts so you can gauge your progress from year to year and see where you are in your fitness journey.

The Open is normally in February and March, but the start of the 2020 Games season starts on October 10 this year with the announcement of the first Open workout. That means the Open is about 6 weeks away!

We have done Friday Night Lights in the past for the Open workouts in an attempt to get as many people as possible together to do the workout each week. But since we have two Opens in 2019, we’re going to try something different this time.

We will do the Open workouts on Saturday mornings starting with a 9:15 am standards meeting. This gives people that have never been able to attend on Friday night a chance to do the Open workouts with the group, and maybe allows more people to make it in for the event. We realize this won’t be an option for everyone each week, so you can always find a judge and do the Open workout in the North gym on Friday or Monday if needed.

We will have more info about how Saturdays during the Open will go, but we will still have weightlifting and Elements at 8:!5 am then spend a couple of hours running heats of the Open after that.

Registration is now live! For more info and to register for the Open click here.

Workout for Monday, September 2
5 Rounds for Time
Run 400 meters
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 Wall ball shots (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')

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